Biosensor Core


Effective July 1, 2017:

Fees for academic investigators at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, for the use of the Biacore® 3000 are $50/hr, if you run the samples yourself, or $80/hr, if we run your samples for you. For use of the Biacore® T200, costs are $60/hr if you run the samples and $90/hr if we do.  New users are required to pay a one-time fee of $300 to cover the costs for consulting prior to carrying out Biacore® experiments as well as for  processing of estimates and invoices.   Materials used (buffers, tubes, Biacore® chips, etc.) are billed separately.

We have also carried out many studies for investigators from other universities and biotechnology companies, including studies required for FDA approvals or for patent infringement litigation. Higher rates ($155/hr for the Biacore® 3000; $195/hr for the Biacore® T200) apply; special rates are available for large projects.   Procedures ancillary to Biacore® studies, requested by outside investigators (e.g., biotinylation, protein concentration), can be performed for $120/hr plus the cost of materials.

Detailed estimates are available upon request.